Drawing inspiration from others…

It’s really great that the internet creates a community in which artists, both professional and amateur can come together and share their work and experiences. It is with great pleasure that I browse through the online galleries of those that share with me at least one common interest, that being the joy of drawing, sketching, and painting. I regularly visit the blogs/sites of Tommy Kane, Urban Sketchers, Lapin, Andrea Joseph, Raena, Cathy Holtum, Danny Gregory, and Alex Tan, just to name a few. From their work, I glean inspiration, gather ideas, watch them develop, and learn new ways to grow as an artist. I thank all of you who regularly post your work for the world to see, and thank you also for taking the time to stop by and see how I’ve been growing as an artist as well. I hope I can inspire you as much as you all inspire me. With that said, here’s a link to this week’s gallery page and a couple of my favorites from the past week.

Don't draw and drive...

Playing with colors


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