Watercolor Experimentation

Working on the children’s book has got me using watercolor’s a bunch again, and I’ve been messing around with them in my sketchbook a lot. Just trying to get the color combinations consistent and the colors bright and not muddy. It’s a real challenge, but fun nonetheless. Also, I’ve been trying to slowly move past the issue I have with drawing across pages. I just can’t draw on the backs of other drawings. Been venturing a little past the crease, but that’s about as far as my hand will let me go. Here’s a sample of what I’ve been experimenting with, and a link to this week’s gallery page.
September 1-7 Gallery

sketches from the passenger seat


One thought on “Watercolor Experimentation

  1. Playing with watercolor can be both fun and frustrating. As for using the back of the page, I have the same hesitation. So, I have at least one sketchbook that I never use the back of the page, and others that I just grit my teeth and go for it! lol nancy

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