Seeing and teaching for inspiration

This past week I’ve been searching for inspiration. My drawing ability wasn’t up to snuff, and I just couldn’t get down on paper what I was seeing in my head. Always so very frustrating. Took a break from creating to seeing. Spent a lot of time looking through art books, art magazines, looking through artist web sites and just trying to suck it all in. Bought my friend a sketchbook and a pencil and spent a few hours helping her learn about 1 and 2 point perspective and really trying to draw what you see, and not what you think you see, and suddenly I was able to draw again. My figure sketches came back to life, and my ability to draw what I was looking at came back to me. For Example this view from the back seat of the car. Sometimes just slowing down and going over the basics of form, perspective, and space while looking at the art of those you admire helps so much. Well, enjoy this weeks sketches and don’t forget to check out the latest entries for the 4lines project.
A couple of samples from this week

30 second sketches gone back into with color and ink and brush


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