I got a new pen

So, in my ongoing quest for new, cool, fun to play with art supplies I came across a blog reviewing brush pens. As my experience with brush pens has been limited to those felt tip nib sort of things I was intrigued. I usually blast through those nibs fairly quickly and am always disappointed. The tip gets frayed withing a week and I’m just like, lame. The ink is never waterproof, and it’s just an annoying situation and a waste of money. So after reading about these actual bristle brush pens I went out and got one. Not having the 40 bucks for the Kuretake I settled on the much much cheaper Pentel… and it’s awesome! Doesn’t bleed, the ink that comes with it is surprisingly waterproof, the character in the line is amazing and it’s so convenient and almost as good as dipping a brush in an ink well. Definitely worth checking out. I’m still getting used to it, as it takes a bit of finesse, but a very cool purchase. Some samples below, and more in the gallery of my sketchbook for the past couple of weeks.


Playing with light sources


6 thoughts on “I got a new pen

  1. I have some brush pens…I think they are the felt tip kind, but they havn’t frayed on me yet! If they do, I might look into that kind.
    I like the strong shadows on your second sketch. 🙂

  2. i got the Pentel Brush Pen. It’s surprisingly waterproof and pretty affordable! It’s the one that comes with black ink cartridges, and is not the paint brush shaped one. It’s sort of like a little capped pen.

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