Wet and Rainy

As is the case with Portland fall and winter, the rain is just incessant. As a result lot’s of time inside with the kitties, and in coffee shops, bars, and experimenting with different media. Came across some liquid acrylics I had never used before. I got them for free with some purchase at Art Media a while back and never tried them out. They are really really neat. I never use acrylic, but I think I’ll start experimenting and add it to my repertoire. Added another entry to the 4 Lines Project and am working on the first finished painting for the project albeit, a bit slowly. Check it out, and thanks for stopping by.
This weeks full gallery.

I can't believe I never use acrylics... they're sweet.


5 thoughts on “Wet and Rainy

  1. WOW!!! Impressive Marco. Great sketches of Turtle. You really capture the movement (with so few lines) My sketches look elementry compared to yours ,and you just started drawing kitties. I realize they only clean an area for a minute or less ,so you have to be quick. Awsome sketching!

  2. Great warm colours. You can get such vibrant stuff happening with acrylics. Raining day after day here in Sdyney too, though it’s spring, nearly summer.

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