Sketches Revisited

Something I’ve been doing lately is going back in and revisiting old sketches and trying to do more with them. Often times I’ll jot down a sketch really quickly just to get an idea across or get the look of someone and I rarely ever go back and add the color I wanted or refine the lines or just add something to make it a more completed idea or expression. So, here’s some sketches I’ve revisited recently. Unfortunately the last 2 in the group were so rough originally I didn’t bother to scan them a first time. Anyway, take a look. There’s also a new 4 lines project. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so!


7 thoughts on “Sketches Revisited

  1. I like it! I am always afraid to go back and work on old sketches – I worry that I’ll screw them up. But I am sure I have lots that are rough enough to benefit from having something done to them.

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