Since I lost my sketchbook…

Well… it’s been about a month since I lost my sketchbook, close to it anyway, and it never turned up. Still miss that little guy, but I’ve been scribbling away in a new one as one does. I made this one out of a pad of hot press watercolor paper and I really am digging it. It allows me to use a variety of wet media and still get crisp lines with pen and ink… although it does smudge a bit more than I’d like with pencil. It is just a sketchbook after all so smudges and spills and mess ups are to be expected. I’ve been working on faces a lot lately using a bit Andrew Loomis’s method. It’s an interesting technique that lends itself well to caricature. There’s a fairly new 4 Lines Project up which is my favorite so far. Really just a lot of playing around. Haven’t had a chance to get out and about to draw except for a brief stint at Peet’s Coffee the other day. Well enjoy a couple of my faves from the past couple of weeks.

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8 thoughts on “Since I lost my sketchbook…

  1. Wonderful pages. I’ve been wanting to try a sketchbook with hot press paper. I’ve just made a new one, with cold press, so it will have to wait until next time!

    • i like the smoothness of the hot press and the nice crisp lines you can make with pen, but drawing in it with pencil tends to get a bit smudgy which isn’t always awesome.

  2. Hi Marco–
    So sorry to hear about your lost sketchbook. That is really tough.
    I like your faces. One of them looks very familiar to me. Hmmm, maybe from Peet’s, maybe from Bagatti’s. ???

  3. Thanks for those marvelous links! The Andrew Loomis books look really useful and interesting. I downloaded them all and look forward to referring to them. Your faces are really expressive. Sorry to hear that your sketchbook has not been returned. Have you checked the Trimet lost and found? (As I remember, you lost it on the bus?)

    • Yeah! Glad you enjoyed the links. I downloaded the books a few months ago and have slowly been printing them out and using them in book form. They’re great books and help out with all skill levels!

  4. Oh how sad to hear about a lost sketchbook. I put my contact info inside the back cover and a note of where I am staying if a way from home. Glad to hear to jumped right back in with a new one.

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