First Thursday Inspiration

I haven’t spent a lot of time sketching lately. I don’t know if it’s because my energy has been focused on promoting the book I illustrated, which was just released (What Kind of Turtle Am I?), the working everyday, or if it’s just one of those times when the creative juices are depleted. Whatever the case, I just haven’t been sketching too much. Last night I went to the First Thursday Artwalk here in Portland, and it usually has a thing or two that impresses me, but nothing truly inspirational. On this particular visit, I came across the artwork of Alexandra Becker-Black and was amazed. It’s actually the second time I’ve seen her work, but for some reason, on this visit, it struck a chord. I checked out her website and she just is able to capture something totally human and real in her portraits and figures. Simplistic use of shadow and light. So perfect and balanced. Just got my mind whirling and now, with my inspiration tanks filled up, I took up the brush and attempted a self portrait in the style of Alexandra Becker-Black. It was really fun to do, and I hope to do more. If you get a chance, check her out, and in the meantime, enjoy a little self-portrait action a la Alexandra Becker-Black.


3 thoughts on “First Thursday Inspiration

  1. Wonderful portrait. I love this technique and first saw it by Wendy Artin. Google her – you won’t be disappointed. I couldn’t get any of the links to Alexandra’s blog to work. The home page comes up, but none of the tabs open – so it is their functionality problem.

  2. This is really good, Marco! I love it. You have really captured your own personality, especially in the eyes. Nice work!

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