Mucking About With Pitt Pens

So, after a recent Urban Sketching outing which was hardly urban (we were at Cloud Rest Vineyard and it was in itself, inspiring), and do to a rain storm, was hardly very sketchy, I was inspired to once again pick up my Faber Castell Pitt Pens. The reason I guess for the sudden interest in Pitt pens was an in person reminder of what is capable with them. Crazy awesome artist Don Colley was with us, and he uses his pens in combination with some fountain pens to create some fabulous images. I was amazed, thumbing through his sketchbook as to what is possible with these things. I wish I could’ve watched him draw a little more, because I would’ve liked to see more of his technique. I had seen him in some online videos before banging out these sick drawings, but seeing them in person was unbelievable. He likes to draw people, and so do I, so maybe that’s what really grabbed me. I have always had problems with the ends of my Pitt pens getting frayed and wiley, but it seems as though drawing with the the side of the tip would prolong the life while creating a very expressive mark. So, I busted out the pens I had, bought a light grey one, because I like how it sort of resembles light graphite, and whacked out a couple of quick sketches. So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing.


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