7 Sketches

This is Luci. She is the pet of a girl named Katie. Luci is a wonderful pooch I met at a BBQ this past Monday. Luci enjoys begging for burgers, sitting, and licking your face. I liked hanging out with Luci. I miss my little guy, so I relish the opportunities I get to play with other loveable pups.

After working across the parking lot from New Seasons for almost four years, I just recently discovered their little food court/dining area. Why I never have had lunch there before just boggles my mind. A wide variety of affordable food to choose from, a comfortable seating area, obviously swell people watching, and just an overall good experience has me looking forward to the next time I have a long enough break between shifts to go over and enjoy a little lunch.

Coming home on the MAX there was this business suit guy obviously flirting with a much younger girl, who was just loving the attention. He seemed really intent on getting to know her a little better, and seemed sincerely annoyed when she hopped up at her stop and abruptly took off with just a simple, “Well, have a good day!”

Every Friday, they have a manager meeting at work. I sit in the corner booth with some other workers before our shift starts. Whenever one manager is talking, another one will usually look completely bored by what the other is saying. Looking at them watch each other talk, while none of them really listens to anything except the sound of their own voice, seems far more interesting than actually being part of the conversation.

“I want some more of that free bread!”, proclaimed the person who really doesn’t need to eat any more free bread.

At the BBQ on monday there was a plethora of talent in one form or another. Skilled hula-hoopers, artists, writers, musicians, cooks, and singers filled the house. Towards the end of the night, the musicians of course, took center-stage, as they do. This guy played one mean ass bass guitar. His fingers flopped all over the strings in an amazing show of speed and skill. Combined with the other singers, and musicians in the house, it was quite the show. I managed to blow my pen all over the page, which is not my favorite thing, but maybe it was just his awesome bass slapping simply vibrating the ink straight up out of the nib… maybe.

Lastly, this is me with my cat turtle, sketching me, on the couch, in my apartment, from above. This is where I browse through my sketchbooks and remember the moment; the place I sit to reflect on my day and the things I’ve done. The words behind me on the arm of the couch state, “I am the fly on the wall watching myself, watching myself.”
Not really sure what that means, but I suppose in that spot, I am watching myself, watch myself.


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