Back To Basics

Years of drawing, sketching, and just playing with marks made on paper has provided me with an almost obscene amount of, and variety of pens. I just love the way the pen scritches the paper and the permanence of the line, the variations in line thickness you can get with a variety of different pens, and the quality of the mark. There’s just something about drawing with a pen that I love. The past few drawings I’ve done however, are not about drawing with a pen. They’re about going back to basics, and just using a simple mechanical drawing pencil, and busting out some graphite sketches. I forgot how much I liked pencil, and how easy it is to shade with compared to a pen. I’ll always love my pens, but it’s a good thing once in awhile to go back to basics.

The Butcher

A Thinking Man

Canvas Art Bar-Reclining Girl


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