Selling Art and Being Interviewed

Rob came to visit... it was awesome!

Today began with a very interesting experience. I was interviewed about my art, sold two of my paintings, and am being “commissioned” to do a third. Commissioned in quotes because I accepted a trade of about 50+ tubes of Windsor Newton oil paint in lieu of cash payment. Pretty awesome. Being interviewed was a fun experience, and I was more comfortable with it than I would’ve thought. The interview was for a book that’s being made about local artists. Hoping to see a release date sometime early in the upcoming year.

Meanwhile in the world of sketchbooks, I just built what is definitely my best sketchbook to date. I filled my last little one up and needed one that was a bit larger and had a variety of paper. I’ve been stuck on bristol for months and have made this newest one with 100% rag paper, cp watercolor paper, and a few sheets of 300 series bristol. Looking forward to using it. In the meantime enjoy some of the last sketches from my previous sketchbook.

Smudging Pen Is Sometimes A Very Effective Technique

Sleep overcomes the fat man...

There Was Nothing Else To Draw...


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