An Evening at Hipbone Studios

This past Wednesday I made my way over to Hipbone Studios in South East Portland for one of the drop in life drawing sessions they have. Not only is it great practice to draw the figure from life in a controlled setting, but you get the added bonus of seeing the work of your peers. Everyone has their own styles and techniques, favorite media, type of paper, and reason for being there. I used my time there this past week to use some materials I don’t often use. Mostly brown butcher paper a couple of sheets of pastel paper with chalk, charcoal, and conté crayon. It was great fun and I look forward to getting over there more often. I encourage anybody who has the opportunity to head over there, to take it. Here’s a few of the drawings I busted out the other day with I believe Aaron as the model.

Conte and Chalk on Butcher Paper

Rotring Pen with Brown Ink on Butcher Paper

Chalk and Conte on Pastel Paper

Chalk and Charcoal on Pastel Paper


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