The New Year Is Even Sketchier

Well, the new year is upon us, and I’m finally back into a somewhat normal routine now that the holidays are over. I wanted to post holiday sketches over the holidays but free time was at a premium so the holiday sketches will have to be bypassed in lieu of new work for the new year. Yesterday I was able to attend Hipbone Studios evening class where we had the model Jonathon. The one problem I ever have with the model poses in any figure drawing session is that they seem so posed. I understand that we’re trying to see the musculature and structure of the figure, but I’d like to see the body positioned in more realistic natural poses, not twisted and contorted into motions that a person would never be in a normal everyday setting. I feel like some of my better sketches come between the poses when they’re just sitting there relaxed like a normal human. Here’s an example of two sketches I pumped out in the short time between poses.








I feel as though I have an easier time sketching people in public, on buses, trains, in bars, etc… because the poses and mechanics of their movements seem more natural and fluid. That said, Jonathon was a great model and I enjoyed my evening of sketching. He was both elegant and strong in stature which made for some good drawing.


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