Looming Deadlines…

… Amongst other things have kept me from posting much as of late. Life just seems really full lately. A trip to see the family in Jersey, continual work on the new book, marathon training, and hours and hours slanging drinks have kept me off the blog radar, but with a recent ankle injury a slot has unfortunately opened up in my schedule. As I sit here waiting for a layer of paint to dry on the newest page of Gabby and the Tooth Fairy I figured it’s a good a time as any to put up a post. Although I haven’t been posting, I’ve been sketching just as much if not more than usual. In Jersey, on planes, airports, trains, coffeeshops, and even a little at work. It’s keeping me sane with all the other obligations I have lately. I picked up a larger size Moleskine watercolor book recently and am loving it. It’s something I typically wouldn’t buy especially since I’m not particularly fond of the horizontal format, but for 40% off, how could I not. It holds up nice to ink, various pens, and vigorous watercoloring plus the large size is something I usually don’t muck about with and it’s kind of nice to go big. Sooooo… now that I’ve got all my sketches from the past month scanned I think I’ll just post some stuff from a while ago, and go from there.
Let’s start with Easter Sunday…

A nice warm sunny spring day had Katie and I lounging out back all day. She read, I sketched our neighbors stuff. I always have the urge to go in and put strong outlines on watercolor sketches. I resisted here.

This little squirrel was a very brave little guy, coming right up to us to see what we were doing. He was later seen running around with a chocolate Easter egg. One of my favorite artists, Tommy Kane, draws a pretty good squirrel, but then again he refers to himself as being squirrel like and participating in squirrel activities. What that means I'm not sure of. All this guy wanted to do was eat whatever I was eating.


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