Every morning I wake up and I scroll through the news articles on my phone and am frequently shocked by how effed up the world is, but the things that shock me and disturb me the most are the parents who are cruel to their children. This was a story about a family who’s car had broken down, and were discovered in a Wal-Mart parking lot, with 2 of the small children (5 and 7) bound and blindfolded. It’s absolutely disturbing. I think of the parents who have lost children or who can’t have children to have and to love and dirt bags like this end up having five kids and obviously shouldn’t even have one. I sketch out things like this sometimes because it somehow settles me, and I just feel for these little guys. When the police approached the father tried to run and hide and was subsequentally tazed and arrested, the mom was arrested when she was done shopping at the Wal-Mart. Hopefully those kids can put this kind of stuff behind them and have productive happy lives.

children shouldn’t be treated like this. Pitt pens and fountain pens in moleskine sketchbook.


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