13 Years…

13 years ago we spent an afternoon kicking around the scorched grass and oil slicked soil looking for signs of life, even though we all knew you were already gone. A vibration, a shake, at the base of that deadly growth, my last message to you sent too late, still signalling the spot where you both spent your final moments. I keep the memory of you both, close to me, everyday.

a memory

I miss you guys…


2 thoughts on “13 Years…

  1. 13 years ago tomorrow that’s what we did. 13 years ago today we sat and waited, and wondered, and worried until we finally decided to go looking for them. I love the picture of Kris’s pager. I wonder if any bits and pieces of the car remain at that site now…. I think we found most of them. I can still so vividly remember the feeling of shock and disbelief and… shock. Heavy heart.

    • I know… I just remember it all so clearly. The whole day. I’m sorry everyday that event happened. I’m thinking of you and your family, and the Kanach’s today. Good people, gone too soon.

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