Product Review – Paper, ink, and pencils, oh my!

At a recent Dr. Sketchy event I was chosen after one of their challenges and received as a prize the new white Faber Castell Pitt Pen and a Strathmore Artagain drawing pad full of their assorted tints drawing paper. This prize came courtesy of Muse Art and Design. Thank you Muse, and thank you Dr. Sketchy for giving out cool prizes. I used the paper and pen a bit that night, but have since been using it extensively for a number of small drawings I’m creating for my soon to be born daughter. The paper lends itself wonderfully to a variety of media, colored pencils, Pitt pens, light watercolor washes, and ink with either brush or dip pen. It has a great smooth surface, but not so smooth that pencil just slides about. It picks up layers of colors well, and works great with colored pencil and watercolor, especially if you let the base color shine through. The white Pitt pen is a great tool for adding highlights to the drawings, and can be layered to increase the opacity of the white. It’s always hard to find a good, easy to use opaque white for drawing and this is perfect. Portability, opacity, and ease of use have made this pen my go to white. They only make the pen in their Big Brush size, and I would love if they made one in the smaller size as well, but for now this one does the trick. I’ve been using Prismacolor Verithin pencils in conjunction with the paper and pen and the results are fantastic. Nice crisp lines and layers of color are easily attained. Anyone looking for a versatile colored paper should look no further than Strathmore’s Artagain assorted tints drawing paper. The new Pitt pen is great, and like I said a smaller size would be awesome for detailed work, but in the meantime I’ll use what I have. I’m really enjoying the Prismacolor Verithin pencils with their hard “lead” and ability to control fine detail work while still laying down rich color. The only drawback I’ve found is how quickly I’m using up pencil, and how different colors seem to have different densities, so testing colors is a must. Below, you’ll find some drawings I’ve done recently using the aforementioned media. Are their any types of media that you’ve tried recently that you love? I’d enjoy hearing about it.


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