Instagram As Inspiration

By now, most people are pretty familiar with Instagram and all of it’s uses from shots of duck faced teens in various bathrooms, miniaturizing cities with tilt-shift, textures, documenting graffiti, and even a cover photo for The NY Times. I’ve been using it for my own selfish pursuits as it makes for great sketching fodder. The deep contrast and color saturation of so many Instagram photos make it an ideal reference for quick sketches. After posting a quick sketch of a co-worker she passed it on that I’d do sketches of people if they started following me and tagged me in their photos. I got responses by a few people and thought it was a great idea for several reasons. It gives me something to sketch, people like seeing themselves painted, it gets my name out there, and drawing pictures of a variety of people in shots not of my choosing is a great challenge. The people can use the photos of their sketch however they want, but I’ve asked that they credit me and link back to me somehow. With that said, I’d like to do more of these, so if there’s anyone out there who wants a quick sketch of one of their Instagram photos, come follow me on Instagram (@even_sketchier) and tag me in a photo. Maybe you’ll get a cool portrait out of the deal.


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