A Girl on A Horse

I’ve really been enjoying the qualities of casein paint as of late. It seems to contain some of the qualities of gouache, watercolor, and oil paints while being unique in and of itself. I’ve been working on any one painting with a minimalist palette and using techniques learned from watercolor and oil painting. I love the fact that I can go in with somewhat transparent passages showing some of the underpainting color, and then go over the top of other areas with scumbling techniques. I’m surprised that it’s a medium that’s essentially used in a niche market, and that it fell out of favor in lieu of modern acrylic and gouache paints. I’ve been working on paper which isn’t necessarily recommended for more impasto casein techniques. I’ll be doing my next casein painting on a prepared canvas board which will hopefully offer up its own share of challenges and rewards.
One of my favorite and influential artists James Gurney has been using casein lately as well. Check out his work here!

Casein and Watercolor on Paper

Casein and Watercolor on Paper


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