The Portrait

As long as I can remember I’ve been drawing faces. I started out with a love of caricature and cartoon faces and from there became drawn to the art of the portrait. My dream job would be to be able to create portrait paintings and drawings, utilizing whatever style I thought best suited the subject. I’m currently working on my first portrait commission which is a very exciting experience. I’ve sold portraits of people before, but this is the first time someone is paying me to do a specific person. I must say it’s coming along nicely. My portrait artist influences are varied and many, but for the most part the artists I enjoy most have a heavily stylized approach to their work. This is not to say I don’t appreciate or find the realism of the great masters and the work of anyone who takes a realist approach to art influential. I really do appreciate it and find it helps with my work to study theirs. I just like the vibrant energy that exists in a stylized approach to the portrait. The artist as he/she fleshes out their subject, not just in appearance, but in essence. Sometimes a quick sketch is all it takes to capture the energy of a person while other portraits have to be slow and deliberate. I’m including a list of artists I’ve found influential and inspiring. Maybe you’ll see someone new and that will spark some creative light inside you. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy these links and enjoy some of the portrait sketches I’ve done as of late.
Chuck Close, Rembrandt, Don Colley, Gwen Seemel, Lucian Freud, James Gurney, Wendy MacNaughton, Bill Plympton, Tommy Kane, Van Gogh, and Moses Soyer are a small sampling of the artists I look to for inspiration. That list is just a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg of artists whose portrait work resonates with me.
To see a whole lot of portrait sketches, drawings, and paintings I’ve done over the years CLICK HERE!!


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