Celebrity Sighting

With all the hoopla surrounding the end of Breaking Bad coming up this weekend, it only seems fitting that I conjure up a painting of one of my favorite characters. That’s Mike, the bad ass. A straight up tough guy played by Jonathan Banks. Interestingly enough, Jonathan Banks played a bad guy in one of my favorite movies growing up; Beverly Hills Cop. Always loved when he got his ass kicked by Eddie Murphy and had cake all over his face at the country club. But I digress…. here’s a little time-lapse video of the painting in progress and a look at the finished painting. Watercolor Bad Assery, dig it.

Watercolor Bad Ass

Watercolor Bad Ass


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Sighting

  1. Marco, this is very cool and the end result is terrific. I love to watch people draw or paint and this one was really fascinating, since I never quite understand how watercolorists work. You get a lot into a small sketch.

    When our son was little, I had been drawing in colored pencil, but I never had time for it until I realized I needed to draw small, so my pictures then were about 1 inch x 2 inches. Your watercolor is very large in comparison.

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