Laying It Down


  • The past three months have found me a man possessed, inspired, and obsessed. I have been non-stop, working on my craft, developing new skills, exploring concepts, and trying to move forward as an artist. I’ve taken a couple of commissions in that time, sold some original works, and started selling prints in my new e-store. Be it in the form of pen or pencil sketches, watercolor or oil paintings, mixed media pieces, on canvas, paper or board, I have just been relentlessly laying it down as of late. Not every piece is a success and not every stroke comes easily, but I’m doing what I love every day and sharing it with the world. In the coming month, I’ll be showing my work at The Blue Monk, a quaint little bar and music venue, which is exciting as it’ll be my first event of this nature. If you get a chance stop on by. Follow me on Instagram to stay abreast of my everyday work, and check out what’s available for purchase in my Big Cartel store.




    Watercolor Commission

    Ink and watercolor

    Ink and Watercolor

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