The New Year

I’m hoping to keep up the same level of effort I’ve been putting into my artwork in the coming year, but I have to say it’s not going to be easy especially with a new job and a little one who demands more and more attention by the day. Not that either of those things are bad, but to continue to find the time and thereby the peace that comes to me with creation will be a challenge to say the least. I make sure I do at least one little sketch every day and that alone is something. Managed so far this year to get one commission from a friend, get to Hipbone Studios a few times, and I hope so much to continue with the Dr. Sketchy sessions when possible. Here’s a little of what I’ve pumped out to date.
As you can see I’m still trying to get figure and portrait drawing practice in by visiting Hipbone Studios as well as photo references and friends who will patiently linger while I draw them. Experimenting with ink as well and a couple of new surfaces including watercolor illustration board and yupo.


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