Izzy’s Crossing Released!

Last year I illustrated my third children’s book, and this past week “Izzy’s Crossing” was released to the world! This is the follow up to a book I illustrated three or four years ago entitled “What Kind of Turtle Am I?” The newest book follows the main character Izzy on an adventure trough the brackish marshland to the coast to lay her eggs, where she answers that age-old question; How did the turtle cross the road? The answer, of course, being through interpretive modern dance. Yep, interpretive modern dance. It’s available in hardcover, paperback, and now for the modern world, a handy e-book format for all those i-Pad and Kindle toting children out there. 24 Full color pages (or screens) of illustrated fun!


Here are some handy links that’ll help you find the books!
Paperback Listing of All Three Titles on Amazon.
Hardcover version of Izzy’s Crossing

Izzy’s Crossing on The Kindle
Izzy’s Crossing for The Nook
Here’s a website for a complete listing of all available venues to purchase the book


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