It’s Been A While

With the ease in which I’ve been able to post everyday sketches to Instagram and Tumblr, coupled with my very limited free time, I feel as though I haven’t been as attentive to this blog as I should be. New job, then buying a house, and moving, and moving in, and balancing time with the baby (who just turned 1!), the blogging and website stuff has just taken a back seat. My art time has dropped significantly in recent months, and I just haven’t been feeling so inspired to post much blog worthy stuff. Quick sketches, and studies here and there, but nothing special. I did complete a large project recently though that is I suppose art in a way. I built some nice new furniture for the house. a coffee table and a book shelf. It took some doing especially with the limited tools at my disposal, but I think it ended up just fine.

Work In Progress

Finished Bookshelf

Finished Coffee Table


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