Izzy’s Hatchlings

Today, I finished illustrating my 4th children’s book. It’s the third and probably final book in the series of books about the adventures of some marsh loving diamondback terrapins. This one tells the story of the hatchlings from the title character of the first two books, Izzy the diamondback terrapin. I just wanted to show some process shots from the creation of this book so you can see what goes into a children’s book. Some planning items, and some in progress works as well as a full time-lapse video of the painting and inking of one of the pages. This one was a little easier as the look of the characters was established a bit from the first two books. I made some tweaks here and there on this one to make the colors a little brighter and make the focus of the book really be on the characters rather than the surroundings as I did in the first two stories. Let me know what you think. Izzy’s Hatchlings also has a facebook page so you can follow along to the ultimate release of the book most likely in spring of 2015.

Process Time-Lapse Video


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