A sad state of affairs

I don’t usually delve too much into the political spectrum here, but damn. My heart aches for these children.

I hope those willingly separating young children from their parents are haunted for the whole of their existence by the wailing of the babes they are harming in the name of false justice.

I would hope if I was born into an area of strife, conflict, poverty or turmoil my parents would seek refuge any way they could for my well being. I would hope they’d risk it all to seek asylum legally or not in a country historically known for accepting the less fortunate in order to better itself as a whole. What’s happening now isn’t justice. We are creating a whole new generation of enemies of America and our desired way of life. We can only hope they forgive the atrocities and trauma we’re inflicting upon them. We’re giving them an existence worse than the one they were seeking asylum from. These children are innocent souls and should be treated as such. History will show us once again, that pain on thousands of children will hold long lasting negative implications and if you support these actions, you’re on the wrong side of history.

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