Spirit Animals

In the movie Moana, (spoiler alert……………………) Grandma Tala dies and becomes her spirit animal, a giant tattooed Ray of some sort. My wee daughter Abby began asking why she turned into the ray, and the conversation turned to spirit animals. After some discussion, she thought maybe hers would be a unicorn, but eventually decided on a standard horse. When met with the query as to what my spirit animal would be, she very assuredly assumed it would be a hippopotamus.

Later that night, I used that little conversation as a jumping off point for a short comic. Highly experimental for me in all respects. It had been a while since I’ve used Photoshop in this manner, so there is a lot going on brush wise with each frame, and I’m still working out the kinks and figuring out the best way to do things. I’ve always wanted to make a comic of some sort, and so this was a fun foray into that. I’d like to dive into this a little more and see where it takes me. Down below you’ll see the comic as well as some of the original sketches pre-photoshopped.

You can follow me on Instagram for a lot more sketchbook work, commissioned art, and experiments. Find me @even_sketchier


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