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Sketchbooks At The Library

Anyone strolling around downtown Portland in the next couple of weeks should pop into the Multnomah Public Library for a little bit of local flavor brought to you by The Portland Urban Sketchers. The sketchbooks of some of your finest local artists (myself included) are being featured in the display cases at the library, showcasing some of the best of this city’s urban sketching. Stop on in, take a peak, you’re sure to be amused and delighted by some colorful sketches of the city and it’s inhabitants, as well as sketches from the recent travels of some of the artists.
http://urbansketchers-portland.blogspot.com/2014/07/library-sketchbook-display.htmlUrban Sketchers 2

Urban Sketchers 1

Sweet little patio tables and a view of Por Que No while munching on a dog.

A Return to Urban Sketching

The weather in Portland is warming up, the people are in the streets, and I’m there, sketchbook in hand observing the goings on around town. Well, the goings on inside coffee shops, bars, and on nice sunny hot dog eatery patios anyway. It’s great to get out and although I haven’t had a chance to join up recently with my Urban Sketching brethren, I’ve gone on solo missions to sketch the people and places of our colorful city. This past week’s adventures have taken me to Zach’s Shack which I believe are the tastiest hot dogs in town; for some sweet treats and caffeine at Dragonfly Coffee House, one of Portland’s coziest coffee shops; and for some libations at Muu Muu’s, one of the chillest bars in the Northwest area of town. Hopefully as the summer goes on, I can get out and continue my little solo Urban Sketching adventures, and if anyone ever wants to join me for a mid-week romp around town, shoot me a line, perhaps we can romp together.
Once again the links to some of my sketch spots:
Dragonfly Coffee House and Bakery
Muu Muu’s
Zach’s Shack

Comfortable seating, great coffee, and delicious sweet treats!
Comfortable seating, great coffee, and delicious sweet treats!
Peeps at Dragonfly Coffee House
Just some peeps enjoying the chill atmosphere at Dragonfly Coffee house.
Sadly, my martini received most of my attention at my latest visit to Muu Muu's and less so, my sketchbook.
Sadly, my martini received most of my attention at my latest visit to Muu Muu’s and less so, my sketchbook.
Sweet little patio tables and a view of Por Que No while munching on a dog.
Sweet little patio tables and a view of Por Que No while munching on a dog.
Finished Coffee Table

It’s Been A While

With the ease in which I’ve been able to post everyday sketches to Instagram and Tumblr, coupled with my very limited free time, I feel as though I haven’t been as attentive to this blog as I should be. New job, then buying a house, and moving, and moving in, and balancing time with the baby (who just turned 1!), the blogging and website stuff has just taken a back seat. My art time has dropped significantly in recent months, and I just haven’t been feeling so inspired to post much blog worthy stuff. Quick sketches, and studies here and there, but nothing special. I did complete a large project recently though that is I suppose art in a way. I built some nice new furniture for the house. a coffee table and a book shelf. It took some doing especially with the limited tools at my disposal, but I think it ended up just fine.

Work In Progress

Finished Bookshelf

Finished Coffee Table


Musical Inspiration

My buddy Shane regularly posts videos of him playing songs up on Facebook and a while ago I asked if I could use his music in conjunction with my art and he said sure. Collaborating in this manner is really fun. The music is inspiring and really effects the outcome of a piece. I hope to do more of these in the future as it’s a fun exercise and seeing how a piece comes together has always been fascinating to me. I did these a couple of months ago, but I just kind of put them up on youtube and didn’t say much about them. I built a little rig that holds my phone and I’m getting better about how to shoot the movies. Hopefully I’ll have more of these in the coming months. Just need a little more music…

I'd Follow Him

Izzy’s Crossing Behind The Scenes

“Izzy’s Crossing” took approximately 6 months of on again, off again production and illustration work to complete before being sent off to the publisher. This includes research, collection of reference materials, character design, sketches, thumbnails, comps, final drawings, and paintings. I thought it’d be fun to post some of the sketches from the planning stages as well as the actual cover concept art that, for whatever reason, wasn’t utilized. I actually have a whole sketchbook full of sketches, character designs, and concepts as well as an extensive file of swampland and animal pictures on my computer I constantly use for reference. It’s quite the process, but it’s all worth it in the end! Enjoy!

Here’s a link for places to purchase the book.


Izzy’s Crossing Released!

Last year I illustrated my third children’s book, and this past week “Izzy’s Crossing” was released to the world! This is the follow up to a book I illustrated three or four years ago entitled “What Kind of Turtle Am I?” The newest book follows the main character Izzy on an adventure trough the brackish marshland to the coast to lay her eggs, where she answers that age-old question; How did the turtle cross the road? The answer, of course, being through interpretive modern dance. Yep, interpretive modern dance. It’s available in hardcover, paperback, and now for the modern world, a handy e-book format for all those i-Pad and Kindle toting children out there. 24 Full color pages (or screens) of illustrated fun!


Here are some handy links that’ll help you find the books!
Paperback Listing of All Three Titles on Amazon.
Hardcover version of Izzy’s Crossing

Izzy’s Crossing on The Kindle
Izzy’s Crossing for The Nook
Here’s a website for a complete listing of all available venues to purchase the book

I sketcheth thee!


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