Jersey Girl

Vacation Pics

I planned on doing quite a bit of drawing while I was on vacation recently, but as is often the case, vacations are sometimes busier than non-vacations. I got some sketching in at the beach and I really wish I could add a soundtrack of this lady talking to really get a feel for just how Jersey she was. Also, under the observance of a young lady seated next to me on the plane I bumped out a few caricatures and sketches of our fellow passengers.

Jersey Girl

Flight Attendant

Dudes On a Plane


Urban Sketchers 2

Sketchbooks At The Library

Anyone strolling around downtown Portland in the next couple of weeks should pop into the Multnomah Public Library for a little bit of local flavor brought to you by The Portland Urban Sketchers. The sketchbooks of some of your finest local artists (myself included) are being featured in the display cases at the library, showcasing some of the best of this city’s urban sketching. Stop on in, take a peak, you’re sure to be amused and delighted by some colorful sketches of the city and it’s inhabitants, as well as sketches from the recent travels of some of the artists. Sketchers 2

Urban Sketchers 1

Finished Coffee Table

It’s Been A While

With the ease in which I’ve been able to post everyday sketches to Instagram and Tumblr, coupled with my very limited free time, I feel as though I haven’t been as attentive to this blog as I should be. New job, then buying a house, and moving, and moving in, and balancing time with the baby (who just turned 1!), the blogging and website stuff has just taken a back seat. My art time has dropped significantly in recent months, and I just haven’t been feeling so inspired to post much blog worthy stuff. Quick sketches, and studies here and there, but nothing special. I did complete a large project recently though that is I suppose art in a way. I built some nice new furniture for the house. a coffee table and a book shelf. It took some doing especially with the limited tools at my disposal, but I think it ended up just fine.

Work In Progress

Finished Bookshelf

Finished Coffee Table

I'd Follow Him

Izzy’s Crossing Behind The Scenes

“Izzy’s Crossing” took approximately 6 months of on again, off again production and illustration work to complete before being sent off to the publisher. This includes research, collection of reference materials, character design, sketches, thumbnails, comps, final drawings, and paintings. I thought it’d be fun to post some of the sketches from the planning stages as well as the actual cover concept art that, for whatever reason, wasn’t utilized. I actually have a whole sketchbook full of sketches, character designs, and concepts as well as an extensive file of swampland and animal pictures on my computer I constantly use for reference. It’s quite the process, but it’s all worth it in the end! Enjoy!

Here’s a link for places to purchase the book.


Izzy’s Crossing Released!

Last year I illustrated my third children’s book, and this past week “Izzy’s Crossing” was released to the world! This is the follow up to a book I illustrated three or four years ago entitled “What Kind of Turtle Am I?” The newest book follows the main character Izzy on an adventure trough the brackish marshland to the coast to lay her eggs, where she answers that age-old question; How did the turtle cross the road? The answer, of course, being through interpretive modern dance. Yep, interpretive modern dance. It’s available in hardcover, paperback, and now for the modern world, a handy e-book format for all those i-Pad and Kindle toting children out there. 24 Full color pages (or screens) of illustrated fun!


Here are some handy links that’ll help you find the books!
Paperback Listing of All Three Titles on Amazon.
Hardcover version of Izzy’s Crossing

Izzy’s Crossing on The Kindle
Izzy’s Crossing for The Nook
Here’s a website for a complete listing of all available venues to purchase the book

Ink on Illustration Board

The New Year

I’m hoping to keep up the same level of effort I’ve been putting into my artwork in the coming year, but I have to say it’s not going to be easy especially with a new job and a little one who demands more and more attention by the day. Not that either of those things are bad, but to continue to find the time and thereby the peace that comes to me with creation will be a challenge to say the least. I make sure I do at least one little sketch every day and that alone is something. Managed so far this year to get one commission from a friend, get to Hipbone Studios a few times, and I hope so much to continue with the Dr. Sketchy sessions when possible. Here’s a little of what I’ve pumped out to date.
As you can see I’m still trying to get figure and portrait drawing practice in by visiting Hipbone Studios as well as photo references and friends who will patiently linger while I draw them. Experimenting with ink as well and a couple of new surfaces including watercolor illustration board and yupo.

Art Reception!

To put the pieces together to get my art show together, which is currently hanging at The Blue Monk on Belmont in SE Portland I had to really buckle down and put in some serious work and I think for my first solo effort it’s pretty cool. It feels good to have it hanging. The 24 piece show is hanging for another couple of weeks and there is a reception on Sunday January 12th from 5-8pm. I’d love to have you there and if you can’t make it then, stop by the bar some other time and just peruse the art. The bartenders will make it worth your while.
Come See these beuts in person at the Blue Monk and definitely come this Sunday January 12th from 5-8p for my reception! See you there!

Show Wall

I sketcheth thee!


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